1.1.0rc4 Released

1.1.0rc4 has been released. Changes/fixes include:

  • Fix for RSS feed tracking when using URL re-writing under WordPress Installs
  • Fix for broken PHP alternative error logging function
  • Fix for broken install and dashboard under Gallery2
  • Added re-factored template system that looks for template overrides in a directory called “local” within the module’s template directory (e.g. /path/to/owa/modules/base/templates/local/mytemplate.tpl).
  • Added new template function to include sub-templates while respecting local overrides
  • Begun re-factoring templates to use new include method so that local overrides can be made
  • Added option to enable and disable feed link tracking. This will only disable tracking feeds as a discrete incoming traffic source.

Just copy the new files over the old or SVN switch to the 1.1.0rc4 tag.

1.1.0rc3 Released

Quick release fixes a few critical bugs including one that was breaking wordpress feeds.Highly recommend that you update from RC2 if running OWA as a wordpress plugin. Just copy the new files over the old.
Keep those bug reports coming.

1.1.0rc2 Released

We are pleased to announce the availability of OWA 1.1.0rc2. This one took a while due to the integration of object caching and a new integration plugin for tracking Gallery2 (http://gallery.menalto.com) based sites. Quick summary of new or changed features in this release includes:

  • Object Caching. OWA will now cache objects in an attempt to avoid hitting the database. This should speed up logging requests quite a bit.
  • Gallery2 Integration. OWA can now be used to track Gallery2 based photo/media sites.
    • Installs like a regular Gallery2 plugin
    • Reports and admin interface are accessible via Gallery2’s admin screens
    • Tracks views of all albums, photos and other media items
  • owa-data Folder. All OWA or user generated content is now housed in a single folder. logs/ directory has been relocated here as well.
  • Lots of bug fixes:
    • set timeout on fetching news from openwebanalytics.com
    • Fixed a bug in click tracking in IE7 (thanks to Mark Kaplun)
    • Fixed SVN issue with version not being set properly
    • Updated PEAR::LOG
    • Introduced jquery as an include for UI re-factoring that will come in the near future.
    • fixed a bug where WordPress feed tracking was broken due to WP2.2.x 
    • re-factored mediawiki plugin to use factory method to init owa 
    • Standalone Installer now no longer requires that the initial admin user password by set via e-mail. Instead it can now be set on the final page of the installer.
  • Updated browscap database
  • Mediawiki plugin no longer logs admin users.
  • Re-factored Error logging – brand new error logging and debug class.
  • Re-factored configuration overrides – this release changes the way that configuration overrides work by introducing a new set of config-file based overrides that are now applied last. This should help in a number of situation where you can different instances of OWA to play different roles.

This release re-organizes things a bit so I recommend a clean install of the files. There are no database schema changes so you should just be able to delete everything in the OWA directory (except for your conf/owa-config.php file) and just copy the new files into the old directory. SVN users can simply “SVN switch” to the 1.1.0rc2 tag directory and then “SVN up” to the latest release.This is a release candidate so please be sure to report any bugs to the mailing lists (trac is still closed unfortunately). 

1.1.0rc1 Released

This is the first release candidate of the 1.1 milestone.This release contains a significant re-write and re-working of how OWA integrates with MediaWiki.New MediaWiki features include:

  • Simplified installation. OWA now gets its configuration values automatically from MediaWiki. See the wiki for more details on how to install OWA under MediaWiki.
  • OWA reports and admin screens are now all accessed via a MediaWiki “Special Page”.
  • OWA utilizes MediaWiki’s user privilege model for access control.

If you are running a MediaWiki, please give 1.1.0rc1 a try and let us know about any bugs that you find.To upgrade just copy the new files over the old ones.  

1.0.8 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of 1.0.8. This release includes all of the numerous bug fixes and re-factoring efforts included in prior release candidates plus a few more. Notables include:

  • Site specific session cookies
  • Real-time visitor spy
  • Fix for properly logging http referrers when using the Javascript invocation method.
  • Fix for cookie setting under IE when security setting is set to medium or above
  • Added config setting for P3P compact privacy policy
  • Added config setting for special delayed first hit processing mode
  • Added descriptions for all config settings
  • Added config to turn off the crawling of referring web pages
  • Re-factored OWA’s entity classes to provide layer of abstraction needed for upcoming object caching layer.

To upgrade just copy the new files over the old ones.

1.0.8rc5 Released

This release candidate includes the following:

  • Re-named OWA’s site session cookie from “owa_site_xxxxx” to “owa_ss_xxxxx” to avoid namespace conflicts with other params. One can ignore or delete the old style cookies.
  • Added admin option for logging first hit to cookie.
  • Added admin option for fetching referring web page info.

This will hopefully be the last release candidate before releasing 1.0.8.

To upgrade just copy the new files over the old ones.

1.0.8rc4 Released

This release candidate contains:

  • fixes some addtional issues with the javascript invocation method under Internet Explorer.
  • Introduces a “Digg-like” Spy report that allows for a real-time, continual, AJAX update of new site visitors – perfect for that plasma screen in your reception area…

1.0.8rc3 Released

Release candidate fixes a few bugs including:

  • Referrers now tracked properly when tracking a second domain under a WordPress Install.
  • Fixed bug in first hit processor that was causing fatal error under certain php configurations.
  • Enabled Google Earth KML export to be saved as a file with the proper .kml extension.
  • Refactored development error logger to be resiliant to cases when does not have permission to write to its logs directory.

To upgrade just copy the new files over the old ones.

1.0.8rc2 Released

Quick bug fix release for a fatal error that happens under PHP4 when users are behind an http proxy.

1.0.8rc1 Released

This Release Candidate fixes some bugs and refactors a few things. Includes:

  • Javascript tags are now XHTML compliant
  • Re-factored OWA’s cookies to set a per site cookie to store session and last request timestamp. A cross site visitor cookie is still used as the default. You may see some strangeness when you upgrade around new sessions getting created for users that are already within the 30 minute session window.
  • Includes a fix for apache redirects that cause php to set the wrong cookie domain.
  • Adds a config file setting for logging all php errors to OWA’s error.txt file
  • Fix for tracking multiple sites under a single instance of WordPress where the second site uses the Javascript invocation method.

This is a release candidate, so please give it a try and look for anything odd.

To upgrade just copy the new files over the old ones.