Is Google Analytics Not Enterprise Ready?

A new report from CMS Watch suggests that the lack of an API or ability to integrate Google Analytics with other systems is an enterprise deployment deal breaker.

I couldn’t agree more, but think that this is really the case for all the Web analytics service providers. Most hosted web analytics solutions are essentially integrated at the presentation layer (i.e. pixel tracking) making database access or code extension off limits to users. This makes it impossible to extend these systems feature wise on your own timeline.

Companies that need a more custom solution but do not want to start from scratch will hopefully find Open Web Analytics to be a welcome alternative.

OWA’s asynchronous event processing model allows it to be deployed in high volume enterprise scenarios and the plugin/module framework makes adding features pretty straight forward.

There is still a lot more to do, but give OWA a whirl if you are looking for an alternative to the commercial services or want really tight integration with your applications.