1.0.8rc1 Released

This Release Candidate fixes some bugs and refactors a few things. Includes:

  • Javascript tags are now XHTML compliant
  • Re-factored OWA’s cookies to set a per site cookie to store session and last request timestamp. A cross site visitor cookie is still used as the default. You may see some strangeness when you upgrade around new sessions getting created for users that are already within the 30 minute session window.
  • Includes a fix for apache redirects that cause php to set the wrong cookie domain.
  • Adds a config file setting for logging all php errors to OWA’s error.txt file
  • Fix for tracking multiple sites under a single instance of WordPress where the second site uses the Javascript invocation method.

This is a release candidate, so please give it a try and look for anything odd.

To upgrade just copy the new files over the old ones.