1.1.0rc4 Released

1.1.0rc4 has been released. Changes/fixes include:

  • Fix for RSS feed tracking when using URL re-writing under WordPress Installs
  • Fix for broken PHP alternative error logging function
  • Fix for broken install and dashboard under Gallery2
  • Added re-factored template system that looks for template overrides in a directory called “local” within the module’s template directory (e.g. /path/to/owa/modules/base/templates/local/mytemplate.tpl).
  • Added new template function to include sub-templates while respecting local overrides
  • Begun re-factoring templates to use new include method so that local overrides can be made
  • Added option to enable and disable feed link tracking. This will only disable tracking feeds as a discrete incoming traffic source.

Just copy the new files over the old or SVN switch to the 1.1.0rc4 tag.