1.3.0 RC1 Has Been Released

OWA version 1.3.0RC1 is the first release candidate for the 1.3.0 release and is available as a tarball or from SVN.

Major New Features

True Metrics & Dimensions – this release introduces a new abstraction layer for all of OWA’s metric and dimensions that allows developers and analysts to work with them without having detailed understanding of OWA’s underlying database schema. All metrics and dimensions now have their own names – allowing you to easily mix and match them in result sets and API calls.

Result sets – metrics and dimensions are now accessed through a new API method called getResultSet. This method greatly simplifies access to metric and dimension combinations and returns a new paginatedResultSet object that will greatly simplify how you work with data in the presentation layers. Result sets can contain multiple metrics, dimensions and can be constrained by any number of constraints. Constraint support has also been enhanced to add regex and substring constraints.

Data Export API – OWA now has a REST based API that you can use to export data in JSON, XML, serialized PHP, and even basic HTML. The API utilizes user specific secret key authentication or cookie based authentication when used within a pre-authenticated OWA session.

Redesigned Reporting Interface – OWA’s reporting interface gets a whole new look and code facelift bringing with it HTML5 graphing/charting as well as paginated data grids.

Action Tracking – you can now track an unlimited number of custom site “action” events using the new Action Tracking methods. Action events can be grouped and can have associated labels and a numeric value. Action events are stored in a new fact table and its associated metrics and dimensions can be accessed through the API.

MediaWiki Action Tracking – OWA will now automatically track and report on the following MediaWiki actions: Article Creation/Edits/Deletion, User Registrations, User Logins, and File Uploads.

WordPress Action Tracking – OWA will now automatically track and report on the following WordPress actions: Post Creation/Edits/Deletion, User Registrations, User Logins, New Comment, New Blog Created (WP v3.0), User Profile Edit, Password Reset, and Attachment Creations, Edits, Deletion.

The release also contains lots of new reporting metrics and dimensions, five new reports, and tons of developer features. See the release notes for more details.

Upgrading from 1.2.4 or Earlier

This release requires PHP 5.2.x and contains significant database schema changes that may take a long time depending on the size of your database. These schema updates must be applied from the command line to avoid browser timeouts.

Please see 1.3.0 release notes for instructions on how to install or upgrade this release.