OWA 1.5.6 is now available

OWA 1.5.6 is now available. This maintenance release addresses some potential security issues.

You will need to run the CLI update command after installing this release as the update will attempt to make some modifications to your owa-config.php file. Be sure to run the CLI with the proper permissions set.

For more info on updating OWA see:


OWA 1.5.5 Is Available

OWA 1.5.5 is available. This is required release addresses security vulnerabilities when running OWA under certain configurations of PHP. Also, the release contains a improved batch event queuing system that makes it easier to manage a multiple server installation of OWA.

See the release notes for more details.

OWA 1.5.1 is Available

Version 1.5.1 has been released. This maintenance release fixes a number of bugs and issues relating to site level access controls. Also, the release introduces the Sites Roster report (which is also the new start page for reporting) and support for WordPress multi-site installs. See the release notes for details.

OWA 1.5.0 is Available

I’m happy to report that v1.5.0 is finally available. See the full release notes for all the goodies contained in this release.

Major New Features

  • Custom Variables – it is now possible to set and store up to five custom properties on all tracking events (pageviews, sessions, clicks, action events, etc.). Custom variables can be set for a single tracking request, across all requests that make up a single session/visit, or across all visits for a single visitor.
  • Segmentation – it is now possible to generate data result sets for a specific segment of your visitors. Segmentation is applied to the result set prior to any filtering or grouping functions – delivering a true segmented data set for you to work with. Segments can only be applied to result sets via the data access API as of this release.
  • Live View – it is now possible to turn any reports into “live” dashboards that will continually update themselves as new tracking events occur.
  • Result Set Filtering – filtering result sets has always been possible by applying constraints via the data access API but it is now possible for analysts to filter the data contained in any data table displayed on any report via the GUI.
  • Lots More Metric and Dimension Combinations – the number of dimensions and metrics that can be combined to generate result sets has been greatly expanded in this release.
  • Independent Tracking Modes – it is now possible to use only a subset of OWA’s tracking modes. For example, ¬†you can now choose to just use OWA for tracking clicks and generating heatmaps, or for only recording and playing back mouse movements/dom streams, or even just use OWA for tracking site actions. Prior to this release you needed to track all page views and sessions in order to use any of the other tracking modes. Now you can choose to track whatever combination of tracking events that you want.
  • IP Address Exclusion – it is now possible to exclude specific IP addresses for being tracked via the general configuration UI or via the new excluded_ips config setting.
  • IP Address Anonymization – it is now possible to anonymize IP addresses by removing the last octet prior to storing them in the database. Anonymization can be controlled via the general configuration UI and the anonymize_ips config setting.
  • 20+ new dimensions – lots of new dimensions have been added. See the release notes for the full list.
  • Site/User Access Controls – you can now limit access to reports and data by user by site.

Bug Fixes

In addition to al the new features, there were also more than 59 bugs fixes in this release. See the 1.5.0 Trac milestone for more details


Please see the 1.5.0 release notes for how to update your OWA instance to the new version. There are a few extra steps if you re updating from a prior 1.5.0rc or SVN trunk.


I’d like to thank the entire OWA community for their help and support of this release. The OWA community continues to grow and we had a record number of patches submitted by community members in the 1.5.0 cycle. Please consider getting involved by submitting a patch, files tickets for enhancements and bugs, or by making a donation to the project using the Paypal donate buttons on this site.