1.2.2 Has Been Released

Open Web Analytics 1.2.2 has been released. See the release notes for full details.

This release fixes a number of bugs found in 1.2.1 so we strongly recommend that you upgrade. In addition, this release introduces new and improved event queuing features that allow OWA to scale in high traffic volume environments by queueing events for asynchronous processing at a later time.

Specific features include:

Flat File Based Event Queueing – this mode allows OWA to avoid writing to the database during a tracking session. Instead tracking events are written to a flat file where they can then be processed at a later time.

Remote Event Queueing – this mode allows OWA to post it’s tracking events to another instance of OWA running under a separate php process or even on a remote server. This allows for multi-process and multi-server configurations where OWA’s event tracking is performed by one set of resources/servers and processing/logging is done by another.

Cache Expiration – Objects in OWA’s cache will now expire after a period of time in anticipation of a few upcoming features that will make it easier to update slowly changing dimensions.

More Event Processing Filters & Hooks – it is now possible to filter entire tracking events before they are logged to the database. This allows module developers to modify OWA’s core tracking logic without needing to modify any of OWA’s core files.

To get started, just download the 1.2.2 tarball or pull the tag from our SVN repository. Be sure to read the release notes for details on how to install or upgrade from a prior version.