Open Web Analytics 1.2.1 has been Released!

OWA version 1.2.1 has been released. See the release notes for OWA 1.2.1 here.

Overall, version 1.2.1 includes significant speed and memory usage improvements, tons of bug fixes, and some major new features including:

Domstream Recordings. OWA can now record a visitor’s mouse movements, keystrokes, and clicks as part of a “screen recording”. Think of it as a video camera that allows you to see exactly how visitors interact with your pages. Domstream Recordings are a great way to analyze the usability of your pages. It’s like having a usability lab embedded on every page.

Client-side Heatmaps. Part of a new overlay reporting framework, OWA now uses the wonders of HTML 5’s Canvas to paint heatmaps over your web pages. As part of this, the heatmap height and number of observation limits have been removed! Client-side heatmaps have been successfully tested with over 50,000 observations.

URL Parameter Filters. You can now tell OWA to strip off session based parameters from your URLs. This will help you ensure that OWA only tracks your canonical URLs.

Revamped Javascript Tracker. The Javascript tracker API has been re-factored to be much faster and easier to integrate with other Javascript. Support for tracking custom DOM events has also been added.

Filters. It is now possible for developers to filter tracking data before events are written to the database. See the wiki for more on what filter hooks are available in this release.

This version also brings significant changes to OWA’s configuration, PHP APIs, as well as directory structure so please consult the release notes for upgrade instructions.

1.2.1 includes a number of bug fixes that were found in the last release candidate so be sure to “svn up” or download the 1.2.1 tarball here.