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Open Web Analytics (OWA) is open source web analytics software that you can use to track and analyze how people use your websites and applications. OWA is licensed under GPL and provides website owners and developers with easy ways to add web analytics to their sites using simple Javascript, PHP, or REST based APIs. OWA also comes with built-in support for tracking websites made with popular content management frameworks such as WordPress and MediaWiki.

For more information about OWA, it’s features, and how to install, visit the OWA Documentation Wiki or the Demo & Examples site.

Download OWA!

OWA can be downloaded as a tarball or by checking it out of it’s Subversion repository. If you would like to see a demo of OWA before you download, head over to the Demo & Examples site.

Download a Tarball

To download the latest releases of OWA, point your web browser at http://downloads.openwebanalytics.com or click the button below:

Download a Tarball

Subversion Access

Subversion access to the OWA source code is available at http://svn.openwebanalytics.com/owa.

For the latest code, tell your SVN client to:

svn co http://svn.openwebanalytics.com/owa/trunk

For a specific release of OWA, choose the release you want from the tags directory:


Help and support for OWA is provided by it’s community of authors, users, and contributors. To get help take a look at one of the resources below.

Demo & Examples

You can find a full demo of OWA along with development examples over at the Demo & Examples site.


The OWA wiki contains all end user and developer documentation. To access the wiki point your web browser at:


Bug Reporting & Feature Requests

To report a bug, check the status of OWA development, or log a feature request, visit OWA’s tracking system at: https://github.com/padams/Open-Web-Analytics/.

Below are some screenshots of OWA’s reports, tools, and visualizations. If you’d like to see a full demo of OWA, head on over to the Demo & Examples site.

1.1.1 Released

May 31st, 2008No Comments

This is a quick release to address install issues under wordpress 2.5.x installs. There are few other minor bug fixes as well. 

OWA Presentation to Mozilla

Apr 26th, 2008No Comments

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting with the dev and analytics team at Mozilla. As you can imagine Mozilla generates a ton of data from Firefox as well as their various web properties. In short their analytics challenges are enormous. 

Mozilla is a huge supporter of various open source projects so it was great o be able to get OWA on their radar.

Below is the overview presentation I gave that talks about the what, where, and how of OWA.

OWA Overview – March, 10th 2008

WordPress 2.5

Apr 26th, 2008No Comments

Wordpress 2.5 changed some things that might effect new installations of OWA. If you are having problems getting OWA to install under WP 2.5 give the latest SVN trunk a try as it contains fixes that should resolve the issues.

If no major bugs are reported we’ll package a new release by Sunday.

1.1.0rc4 Released

Feb 28th, 2008No Comments

1.1.0rc4 has been released. Changes/fixes include:

  • Fix for RSS feed tracking when using URL re-writing under WordPress Installs
  • Fix for broken PHP alternative error logging function
  • Fix for broken install and dashboard under Gallery2
  • Added re-factored template system that looks for template overrides in a directory called “local” within the module’s template directory (e.g. /path/to/owa/modules/base/templates/local/mytemplate.tpl).
  • Added new template function to include sub-templates while respecting local overrides
  • Begun re-factoring templates to use new include method so that local overrides can be made
  • Added option to enable and disable feed link tracking. This will only disable tracking feeds as a discrete incoming traffic source.

Just copy the new files over the old or SVN switch to the 1.1.0rc4 tag.

1.1.0rc3 Released

Feb 4th, 2008No Comments

Quick release fixes a few critical bugs including one that was breaking wordpress feeds.Highly recommend that you update from RC2 if running OWA as a wordpress plugin. Just copy the new files over the old.
Keep those bug reports coming.

1.1.0rc2 Released

Feb 1st, 2008No Comments

We are pleased to announce the availability of OWA 1.1.0rc2. This one took a while due to the integration of object caching and a new integration plugin for tracking Gallery2 (http://gallery.menalto.com) based sites. Quick summary of new or changed features in this release includes:

  • Object Caching. OWA will now cache objects in an attempt to avoid hitting the database. This should speed up logging requests quite a bit.
  • Gallery2 Integration. OWA can now be used to track Gallery2 based photo/media sites.
    • Installs like a regular Gallery2 plugin
    • Reports and admin interface are accessible via Gallery2’s admin screens
    • Tracks views of all albums, photos and other media items
  • owa-data Folder. All OWA or user generated content is now housed in a single folder. logs/ directory has been relocated here as well.
  • Lots of bug fixes:
    • set timeout on fetching news from openwebanalytics.com
    • Fixed a bug in click tracking in IE7 (thanks to Mark Kaplun)
    • Fixed SVN issue with version not being set properly
    • Updated PEAR::LOG
    • Introduced jquery as an include for UI re-factoring that will come in the near future.
    • fixed a bug where WordPress feed tracking was broken due to WP2.2.x 
    • re-factored mediawiki plugin to use factory method to init owa 
    • Standalone Installer now no longer requires that the initial admin user password by set via e-mail. Instead it can now be set on the final page of the installer.
  • Updated browscap database
  • Mediawiki plugin no longer logs admin users.
  • Re-factored Error logging – brand new error logging and debug class.
  • Re-factored configuration overrides – this release changes the way that configuration overrides work by introducing a new set of config-file based overrides that are now applied last. This should help in a number of situation where you can different instances of OWA to play different roles.

This release re-organizes things a bit so I recommend a clean install of the files. There are no database schema changes so you should just be able to delete everything in the OWA directory (except for your conf/owa-config.php file) and just copy the new files into the old directory. SVN users can simply “SVN switch” to the 1.1.0rc2 tag directory and then “SVN up” to the latest release.This is a release candidate so please be sure to report any bugs to the mailing lists (trac is still closed unfortunately). 

OWA at Blogrepreneur.com

Dec 22nd, 2007No Comments

Althaf over at Blogrepreneur has some very kind words about Open Web Analytics and compares it to Google and Automattic’s own stats plugin for WordPress. In his opinion, OWA is a must have. We couldn’t agree more.

OWA Most Popular – WordPress Widget

Oct 14th, 2007No Comments

Karim Vaes has released OWA Most Popular – a very cool WordPress widget that uses OWA to put a list of your most popular posts/pages in the sidebar of your blog. 

This is a great example of how to use OWA’s getMetric API to present stats and analytics within your WordPress blog or web application. i think the OWA specific part is 3-4 lines of code.

Damn Spam. Trac Temporarily Closed.

Sep 23rd, 2007No Comments

Unfortunately I had to close OWA’s Trac to registered users only due to spam bots. I’ll be replacing the Trac with a new version and enabling some registration shortly.In the meantime, if you need to file a bug please post to the mailing list and I’ll open a ticket. 

1.1.0rc1 Released

Jul 11th, 2007No Comments

This is the first release candidate of the 1.1 milestone.This release contains a significant re-write and re-working of how OWA integrates with MediaWiki.New MediaWiki features include:

  • Simplified installation. OWA now gets its configuration values automatically from MediaWiki. See the wiki for more details on how to install OWA under MediaWiki.
  • OWA reports and admin screens are now all accessed via a MediaWiki “Special Page”.
  • OWA utilizes MediaWiki’s user privilege model for access control.

If you are running a MediaWiki, please give 1.1.0rc1 a try and let us know about any bugs that you find.To upgrade just copy the new files over the old ones.  

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